Ecojustice Blog – Climate change Posted on October 4, 2017 (updated: October 4, 2017)

Join the fight to protect the orcas and stop Kinder Morgan

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Ecojustice lawyers, Margot Venton and Dyna Tuytel. Photo by Emily Chan.
Ecojustice lawyers Margot Venton and Dyna Tuytel. Photo by Emily Chan.

Help make sure we can continue to fight reckless carbon intensive projects and preserve species’ critical habitat.

It’s here. Today, after thousands of hours of preparation and research, we’ll finally appear in court to make the case that the federal government broke the law when it abandoned its legal responsibilities to protect endangered species and approved the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project.

Since launching this case, the support of people like you has made sure that we can defend Southern Resident killer whales from the threats posed by reckless fossil fuel expansion. Thank you.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline would increase the number of tankers passing through the Southern Resident killer whales’ critical habitat in the Salish from 60 to more than 400 tankers each year. That translates to almost seven times more tanker traffic, underwater noise, pollution, and risk of a major oil spill.

Recent research has shown that the population has declined from 82 whales at the time of the NEB hearing to only 76. And that’s not all. According to our clients’ uncontroverted expert evidence, there’s a more than 50 per cent chance that this iconic species will become effectively extinct in this century if this project moves ahead.

We’ve spent the better part of the last decade winning court battles to protect killer whales. We’re determined to win this one too. That’s why we’re counting on your help.

Please donate today and support the fight to shut the door on Kinder Morgan. Help us protect the Southern Resident killer whales.

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