Ecojustice Blog – Climate change, Special Update Posted on June 26, 2017 (updated: June 26, 2017)

Help communities stand up for public safety

Helen VassilakosClient

My name is Helen, and thanks to people like you, Ecojustice lawyers are helping me and Safe Rail Communities protect public safety and the environment.

I live in a Toronto community that runs parallel to a major railway line. Together with a few concerned neighbours, I co-founded Safe Rail Communities following the Lac-Mégantic tragedy.

When we found out that volatile crude oil was allowed to be transported across Canada, essentially through peoples’ backyards, farmland and nature without any additional safeguards in place, we had to act.

We were fortunate to team up with Ecojustice lawyers and supporters like you. Together, we won a major victory when we obtained the first-ever government order for an environmental assessment of an oil-by-rail terminal. After the federal government made its historic announcement, the company responsible for the terminal withdrew its proposal.

You made this victory possible, and now you have the chance to double your impact.

Ecojustice supporter Mike Brigham has pledged up to $25,000 to match, dollar-for-dollar, every donation made before June 30 in support of this file and other important cases in Ecojustice’s climate portfolio!


Transporting crude oil by rail puts our communities and environment at great risk. These risks are not priced into our fossil fuel infrastructure, which means we do not know its true cost. If we did, it would be clear that transitioning to renewable energy sources is not only in the public interest, but our best bet in the fight against climate change.

When you support Ecojustice, you give Safe Rail Communities a more powerful voice. Thanks to you, dedicated lawyers like Ecojustice’s Charles Hatt and Fraser Thomson are working hard on our behalf.  This frees up Safe Rail Communities to focus our energy on making sure decision-makers hear community concerns about transporting crude oil by rail — loud and clear.

Help us continue protecting our communities and the environment by making a gift today.

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