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Happy World Water Day!

Randy ChristensenLawyer

Happy World Water Day!

As is fitting for a country that cares so much about water, in Canada it’s been expanded to Water Week.

World Water Day began in 1992, following the Rio Earth Summit. Every year since its inception, countries around the world have been asked to devote the day to the work to be done to ensure that everyone has access to clean water.

Many think of the goal to provide clean water as a challenge for developing countries. But it’s still a battle for Canada.

Last year we released Seeking Water Justice. The report reveals a two-tiered system of drinking water management where urban centres benefit from better standards, technology and personnel while rural and First Nations communities remain at risk due to inadequate infrastructure, patchwork provincial laws, and a lack of binding drinking water standards from the federal government.

And it’s more than just providing clean drinking water.

The ecosystems we depend on also need adequate, clean water to function.

Ensuring that this happens has always been a priority for Ecojustice.

For more than two decades Ecojustice has worked to expose those who break the laws that protect our water and hold governments accountable. We’re also going to court to secure powerful legal precedents and working outside the courtroom to strengthen our country’s laws.

For Ecojustice, protecting our water is about more than a day, or even a week, it something we’ve lived every day, all year, for more than two decades.

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