Ecojustice Blog – Nature Posted on March 21, 2019 (updated: March 21, 2019)

Go to bat to protect boreal caribou

Devon PageLawyer
Woodland boreal caribou in snowy forest
Photo: Peuple Loup via Flickr | CC-BY-SA 2.0

Today is the International Day of Forests, a day to raise awareness about the importance of forests to the health of our planet. Canada’s boreal forest, for example, keeps the earth’s climate habitable and purifies the air and water.

Boreal caribou are known as bellwethers of the boreal forest’s well-being. Healthy caribou populations signal that the entire forest ecosystem is faring well.

But in Alberta and Ontario, caribou are at risk of disappearing as logging and mining activity fragments the critical habitat they depend on.

Ecojustice will not let these gentle giants go quietly, which is why we’re pursuing legal action to protect caribou in both provinces. But we can’t do it without you.

Nearly 7,000 Ecojustice supporters like you have already called on the federal government to step up efforts to protect the caribou herds.  And in January, you helped us sue the federal government for its failure to protect the critical habitat of at-risk herds in Alberta.

Now, we may be forced to mount a second lawsuit to protect boreal caribou herds in Ontario. And we’re counting on your support.

Go to bat for boreal caribou

In honor of International Day of Forests, please consider taking one (or all) of these actions:

1. Take our Pop Critter Quiz and join the legal fight to protect species at risk. What’s this about? It’s a fun way to test whether you know more about three remarkable animal species or pop culture, which as much as we love just isn’t as important as nature.

2. Give Canada’s boreal caribou a voice. Tell the federal government to take urgent measures to protect the critical habitat of boreal caribou.

3. Support the legal fight to protect this iconic species. Make your gift by March 27 and our longtime supporter [donor name] will match your donation, dollar-for-dollar, up to $7,000.

Protecting boreal caribou habitat has wide reaching benefits: The boreal forest keeps the earth’s climate habitable and purifies the air and water. Please, help protect this precious resource for caribou — and all living creatures — that depend on it.

Caribou photo by Peuple Loup via Flickr and obtained under creative commons

Build the case for a better earth

Thanks to the support of people like you, Ecojustice goes to court to protect what we value most — the air, land and water that sustains all life. Make your gift today and support bold litigation for a brighter environmental future.

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