Ecojustice Blog – Special Update Posted on June 20, 2011 (updated: June 20, 2011)

Gavin Smith’s Bike Ride for Ecojustice

Pedalling 4,700 kilometres across eight states, one province and a couple national parks is how University of Ottawa law grad Gavin Smith is fundraising for Ecojustice.

We’ll follow Gavin’s summer adventure on this blog, Facebook and Twitter, bringing you weekly anecdotes from the road.

Gavin’s trek began on June 11, 2011, when the University of Ottawa law graduate mounted his Devinci Caribou touring bike and headed for his grandma’s house in Oceanside, Oregon. He should arrive in August at a pace of 85 km per day. At his final destination, he’ll reunite with family before hitching a riding to Vancouver, where he’ll article at Ratcliffe & Company LLP with Ecojustice founding lawyer Gregory McDade.

Why Ecojustice? Gavin is familiar with our work from his time as an intern, volunteer and law student at the uOttawa-Ecojustice Environmental Law Clinic. He knows that to defend Canadian’s right to healthy environment we rely 100% on funding from our generous donors and he wanted to help.

If you’re wondering how a trip through Canada and the United States connects to Ecojustice’s work, know that we’re increasingly involved in cross-border issues. We’ve had international success in standing up for the Flathead Valley and supporting efforts to stem global warming by reducing black carbon. To solve global environmental problems, we need globally minded people.

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