Ecojustice Blog – Climate change, Special Update Posted on December 15, 2017 (updated: December 15, 2017)

For concrete action on climate change

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I’m John, an Ecojustice lawyer and environmental law veteran. When I started out as an articling student in 1972, my articling principal warned me against practising environmental law. You will never be heard from again, he told me.

In fairness to him, environmental law was a new field. Neither of us foresaw that Environment on Trial — a book I helped write as a law student, and the first environmental law text in Canada — would inspire generations of students to pursue environmental law careers.

Some of them now work at Ecojustice. Thanks to your support, Ecojustice hires the best and brightest people, including lawyers like Charles Hatt. Charlie and our colleagues won a series of legal victories that ultimately led to TransCanada abandoning its Energy East pipeline proposal in October. Halting new fossil fuel infrastructure is a key step in Canada’s transition to a clean energy economy.

My holiday wish is for 2018 to be the year Canada finally takes decisive, concrete action on climate change.

The Ecojustice team is working hard, but with limited resources, to make sure our governments introduce laws and policies that directly address climate change. We’ve also launched strategic litigation to halt fossil fuel projects, such as the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion and Fraser Surrey Docks coal port.

Climate change is a serious humanitarian threat. There is urgent action to be taken and we have ambitious goals for the coming year. But we can’t do it alone.

As I prepare to retire, people ask what gives me hope for the future. Quite simply, it’s knowing that for as long as the environment needs a defender, Ecojustice and supporters like you will be there. Please help us defend the planet by making a gift today.

Yours truly,

John Swaigen, Lawyer

P.S. Ecojustice aims to raise $200,000 before January 1st to support this and other litigation and law reform efforts. When you donate this holiday season, you’ll help build the case for a better earth and turn our wishes into reality.

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