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Wildfire burning a forest with dense smoke.

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Wildfires in Canada: How to fight “supercharged” fire seasons

July 5, 2024

Bigger. Hotter. Faster. That’s how experts describe the new breed of wildfires raging through Canada.

Already, this year’s early fire season has forced communities from their homes and many more to suffer the lasting health risks of wildfire smoke. Indigenous folks, in particular, have seen some of the most serious damage.

Climate change — as a result of burning coal, oil, and gas — has created the perfect conditions for these “supercharged” wildfire seasons. And it’ll only get worse if we don’t do something.

Politicians have the power to slash carbon emissions and put us on the path to a safer future. But they’ll only act if we make it clear the public demands it.

While firefighters bravely battle the wildfires, it’s time for our MPs to step up too. People’s homes are burning down. Governments must stop the fossil fuel industry from pouring gasoline on the flames.

Climate change has created the perfect conditions for “supercharged” wildfire seasons. And it’ll only get worse if we keep on burning coal, oil, and gas. We need to cut fossil fuel emissions and to do that, we need stronger climate laws.

Here are four things your MP can do to build firebreaks for the climate emergency:

  • Implement a strong, loophole-free cap on oil and gas emissions
  • Stop approving new fossil fuel projects
  • Ban thermal coal exports immediately
  • Regulate our financial industry to stop billions pouring into oil, gas, and coal developments
Jul 2024
Wildfire burning a forest with dense smoke.

Is Canada still on fire in 2024?

In short, yes.
Oct 2023
Ecojustice team members with youth client Alex Neufeldt at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
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Runaway oil and gas sector emissions undermining Canada’s climate progress, must be capped

OTTAWA | TRADITIONAL, UNCEDED TERRITORY OF THE ALGONQUIN ANISHNAABEG PEOPLE – With six weeks to go until the UN Climate Change Conference COP28, a coalition of leaders of Canada’s environmental organizations are calling on the Prime Minister to move forward with the government’s promised cap on oil and gas emissions.

Canadian Wildland Fire Information System (click for interactive map)