Instead of selling your stocks, bonds or mutual funds and donating the proceeds, eliminate capital gains tax by donating them directly to Ecojustice.

You can support our work by transferring securities to Ecojustice and avoid paying the 50% capital gains tax. As a charity, we can then sell the securities tax free and use the proceeds to continue our work to protect the land, air and water we all rely on.

How to donate securities

1. Click here for our Gifts of Securities Transfer form.

2. Complete and sign the form on your computer using Adobe, or print the form and then complete and sign it by hand.

3. Send the form to your financial advisor and authorize them to initiate the transfer on your behalf. You may want your advisor’s assistance in filling out the details of the securities you wish to transfer.

4. Ask your advisor to send a copy of the form to Frank Arnold at Raymond James* and to Christina Price, our Leadership Giving Officer, to ensure your gift is handled smoothly and efficiently. The form should be sent via email to: and,

5. Once your donation has been received (this can take up to a few days – or weeks in the case of mutual funds), we will contact you to confirm that the transfer has been completed and to thank you for your generous gift! Ecojustice will issue you a tax receipt for the average trading price of the securities on the date that they are received in our account.

*Raymond James has kindly waived all fees on the processing of gifts of securities donated to Ecojustice.

Donating stocks through your will

You can also donate stocks through your will and receive tax savings for your estate. For more information, or if you are the executor of someone else’s will and would like to distribute shares from the estate, please contact us.

Questions about donating securities? Speak with someone personally and confidentially

Christina Price

Leadership Giving Officer

1-800-926-7744 ext. 251

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