Ecojustice Blog – Special Update Posted on June 22, 2018 (updated: June 25, 2018)

David Suzuki, my Ecojustice Hero

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David Suzuki by Marie Cresswell
Photo: Marie Cresswell

My Ecojustice Hero, the iconic David Suzuki, needs no introduction. His legacy as an unrelenting champion for the environment is unparalleled.

David is one of Ecojustice’s honorary board members — more importantly, he is a courageous truth-teller in these critical environmental times. 

Being in David’s presence is inspiring. He takes every opportunity to remind each of us that we are a part of the biosphere — the Earth’s life-giving layer of air, water, and land — and utterly dependent upon it. What we do to the biosphere, we do to ourselves, says David.

And of course, David is co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, a long-time Ecojustice client and our partner in the efforts to ensure your right to a healthy environment is recognized, respected and fulfilled.

Today, I challenge you to help carry forward David’s legacy.

A generous Ecojustice supporter has pledged to match —dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000 — every donation you make before July 1. Double your impact when you donate today and support our ongoing work to defend the earth’s precious life-giving systems.  


David’s message is shaped both by his scientific knowledge and Indigenous worldviews, which teach us that nature is sacred. As a leader and ally, David uses his voice to help us see our interconnectedness and take action to live in balance with Mother Earth.

Our multi-year fight to keep #JumboWild is just one example of how Ecojustice puts David’s message into practice when we go to court to protect the environment.

The Ktunaxa Nation calls the Jumbo Valley Qat’muk and believe it is home to the grizzly bear spirit. When they went to the Supreme Court of Canada to protect Qat’muk from development, we intervened in support of their argument.

Although that legal battle came to a disappointing end late last year, the fight to protect Qat’muk is far from over.

This week, Ecojustice lawyers will intervene on behalf of two conservation organizations in a lawsuit brought by the developer, who wants to overturn the B.C. Minister of Environment’s decision that the project’s environmental assessment certificate had expired. Our legal team will argue that developers should not be allowed to rely on outdated certificates to proceed with projects that would have significant environmental impacts.

And we’re counting on you to help ensure the delicate ecological balance in Jumbo Valley is maintained.

Please give a gift today and help us carry forward David’s legacy and honour the elements that give us life — the air, water, earth and sun.


Photo: David Suzuki by Marie Cresswell courtesy of the David Suzuki Foundation

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