Ecojustice Blog – Climate change, Nature Posted on September 9, 2019 (updated: September 30, 2019)

Cross-Country Check-in: Ontario under Doug Ford

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Photo of Ontario Premier Doug Ford
Photo of Doug Ford by Tom Murray via Flickr.

In the second installment of Cross-Country Check-in, we look at how Ecojustice lawyers are working to counter Premier Doug Ford’s attacks on the environment.

Today on Cross-Country Check-in we take you to Ontario, where the environment is under attack by Premier Ford — and where Ecojustice lawyers are fighting back on multiple fronts.

We’re battling his climate inaction; countering his plans to gut the province’s endangered species law; and holding him to account for violating Ontarians’ legal right to participate in environmental decision-making.

Fighting to keep climate action in Ontario on track

Earlier this year, Ecojustice’s intervention at the Ontario Court of Appeal helped lead to a court ruling that rejects Premier Ford’s attempts to derail nationally-coordinated efforts to combat climate change.

The court found the federal carbon pollution law constitutional and acknowledged its purpose as “establishing minimum national standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” This is an important development that clears the way for the federal government to go beyond carbon pricing and introduce a national climate law that sets legally-binding pollution targets and equips Canadians with tools to hold governments to account for meeting them.

But Premier Ford isn’t letting this loss go. He’s taking his fight to the Supreme Court of Canada — and Ecojustice will be ready to meet him there.

Defending Ontario’s species at risk

Together, we’re also giving voice to nature. Premier Ford plans to weaken Ontario’s Species at Risk Act, which will come at huge cost to endangered wildlife.

Ontario species like boreal caribou need more protection, not less. That’s why we’re working hard to stop Premier Ford’s rollback of Ontario’s law. We’re also petitioning Minister Catherine McKenna to use her authority under the federal Species at Risk Act to recommend safety-net protections in Ontario to help threatened boreal caribou recover and survive.

When it comes to keeping the Ford government in check, the stakes are high. We’re playing our best defensive game. But we need you to stand with us.

Please, consider donating today to help hold Premier Ford to account for putting us on the path to a brighter environmental future.

Photo of Doug Ford by Tom Murray via Flickr | CC-BY-NC 2.0.

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