Ecojustice Blog – Climate change Posted on September 16, 2019 (updated: September 30, 2019)

Cross-Country Check-in: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s anti-environment agenda

Devon PageLawyer
Jason Kenney's anti-environment agenda
Photo by High Level 4 via Flickr

For this edition of Cross-Country Check-in — a four-part series that looks at Ecojustice’s work from coast to coast — we take you to Alberta, where Premier Kenney is turning to the courts in a bid to block climate action.

Last week, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney ramped up his efforts to silence criticism of the province’s oil and gas industry.

His government launched a website allowing people to submit information to its inquiry on foreign funding of environmental groups. The premier was quickly subject to public mockery as people took to social media and #ReportAnAlbertan trended on Twitter.

But the premier’s moves — intended to shut down those who dare to speak out against industry interests — are no laughing matter.

Ecojustice will not falter in the face of Premier Kenney’s intimidation tactics. Will you to stand with us?

The climate-conversation Canada needs

Strip away the political theatre, and this fact remains: Canada needs to have an honest conversation about the future we want — and what we’re prepared to do to avert climate breakdown and protect the people and places we love.

The science demands it. The Albertans whose livelihoods are tied to these industries — people who are experiencing real hardship and grief now — deserve it.

Ecojustice is committed to playing a constructive role in that conversation, challenging as it may be.

That means we will continue to lay the legal foundation — in Alberta, and across Canada — for the necessary, and inevitable, shift away from a fossil fuel-based economy.

Premier Kenney’s constitutional challenges

With the Premier turning to the courts in a bid to undercut laws put in place to safeguard the climate, it looks like we’ll have to fight fire with fire.

Premier Kenney has launched constitutional challenges of the federal carbon price (something both Saskatchewan and Ontario have attempted, only to be rejected by the courts) and of the Impact Assessment Act, the federal environmental assessment law the Ecojustice community fought so hard to secure.

To ward off these attacks and halt Premier Kenney’s anti-environment agenda, we need you to stand with us. Sign up to get email updates from Ecojustice, and be among the first to know about breaking news, case launches, and opportunities to take action on environmental issues in Alberta.

Photo of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney touring forest fire-affected areas in northern Alberta on May 21, 2019, by High Level 4 via Flickr | CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

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