Ecojustice Blog – Climate change Posted on October 5, 2010 (updated: February 17, 2015)

Climate change, straight from the tiger’s mouth

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Exxon, along with the rest of the oil industry, does their best to put a greenwash on their environmentally-destructive sector, all the while undermining the scientific consensus on climate change. So it is a breath of fresh air to see this little gem emerge from the annals of advertising history to help us connect the climate dots.

This 1962 Humble/Enco ad (renamed as ExxonMobil/Esso, as Enco is Japanese for ‘engine failure’) offers us a great piece of industry spin – sadly, one that predicts the devastation of the world’s life-sustaining glaciers.

“This giant glacier has remained unmelted for centuries. Yet, the petroleum energy that Humble supplies – if converted into heat – could melt it at the rate of 80 tonnes per second!”

True to its message, this centuries-old glacier likely no longer exists as a result of all our ‘happy motoring’.

This is an industry that subsidizes climate change deniers, legitimizes them through supposed ‘academic journals’, and distracts us from the major sources of human-induced global warming – comparable to tobacco companies denying the cancerous nature of their products.

Perhaps ExxonMobil should return to their branding roots and just embrace their destructive ways – we could all save a lot of time and energy needed to generate real climate solutions.

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