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Modernizing B.C.’s Water Act

tap water photo by Nikkytok via Shutterstock
Photo by Nikkytok via Shutterstock

Water is the fundamental link between human societies and our environment, and a changing climate is going to make protecting and managing water more important and more challenging.

In 2008, the B.C. Government announced the Living Water Smart initiative, a commitment to modernize the Water Act and build the foundation of a more resilient system by:
  • Protecting stream health and aquatic environments 
  • Improving water governance arrangements 
  • Introducing more flexibility and efficiency in the water allocation system 
  • Regulating ground water use in priority areas and for large withdrawals 
Ecojustice is working alongside a coalition of B.C. environmental groups to ensure that a new Water Act works for British Columbians. We’re pushing for a an improved system that better reflects social and environmental priorities while maintaining healthy ecosystems, protecting groundwater, regulating use for all sectors and increasing public participation.
Sustainable water governance is a long-term priority for Ecojustice. We will continue to work to ensure that B.C. has a Water Act sufficient to protect nature and secure water for people. Once a new Act is in place, Ecojustice will continue to fight for adequate subordinate regulations and to hold government accountable for the enforcement of the new law.

Ecojustice staff:

“Our water is a collective resource. We need to ensure that it remains protected for the public good.”– Randy Christensen, staff lawyer
Randy Christensen 

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