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Better Protection Against Toxics… and You Can Help!

Dr. Elaine MacDonaldScientist

In a move of rare non-partisanship, the House of Commons unanimously passed the new Consumer Products Protection Act, or Bill C6 – a critical Act that would create new regulations for products that pose, or might reasonably be expected to pose, a danger to human health and safety.

However, this positive action is being threatened in the Senate, as opponents of the new Act have been emailing key Senators pressuring them to stop the Act before it becomes law.

Below is a letter we issued today to the Canadian Senate urging them to pass the Consumer Products Protection Act for the benefit of all Canadians, and our colleagues at Environmental Defence have set up a petition to allow you to offer your support. If you share our concern, follow this link to send your own urgent message to the Senate.


October 28, 2009

Dear Senators:

Ecojustice is calling on the Senate to pass Bill C-6, the proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

Ecojustice Canada (formerly Sierra Legal Defence Fund) is an independent, non-profit organization supported by 30,000 Canadians. We have a staff of lawyers and scientists who provide services to citizens and groups working to improve environmental laws.

There is an immediate need for federal government to modernize the 40-year old Hazardous Products Act in today’s globalized economy, where many products available for sale are imported and may contain hazardous materials.

Ecojustice’s efforts fighting toxic chemicals in products led to a proposed ban on the use of toxic flame retardants in electronics. But waging such a battle over every hazardous product is far beyond our reach.

The Canada Consumer Products Safety Act will give the government the much needed power to remove unsafe products from store shelves, make mandatory product recalls and order product safety tests if there may be serious danger to human health.

Both the Europe Union and United States have already enacted similar legislation making Canada a potential haven for hazardous products.

In Ecojustice’s opinion the Canada Consumer Products Safety Act is a positive step forward. There is a need in Canada to renew and modernize federal product safety legislation to better reflect the globalized marketplace, to be consistent with societal and consumer expectations for health and safety, and to ensure that Canada does not become a haven for unsafe products rejected by the American and European markets.

We are writing to you today to ask for your please pass this critical law and ensure Canadians the same public health protection as Europeans and Americans. We don’t want to become a dumping ground for products no longer eligible for sale elsewhere.

Yours truly,

Hugh Wilkins,
Co-ordinating Lawyer

Elaine MacDonald,
Senior Scientist

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