Ecojustice Blog – Special update Posted on October 6, 2020 (updated: October 9, 2020)

B.C. election 2020: Three environmental platform proposals candidates should adopt

Devon PageLawyer
Provincial legislature in Victoria, B.C.
Photo by sallan71 via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

In the lead-up to the Oct. 24 B.C. election, Ecojustice is urging candidates to adopt a suite of environmental platform proposals that will pave the way to a resilient, just and sustainable future for all.

British Columbia’s natural beauty, ecological diversity, and vibrant communities and cultures are vital to residents’ prosperity and well-being. Yet, like so many places, the province is confronted with multiple, intersecting crises that threaten the very basis of life as we know it: climate breakdown, accelerating species extinction, large-scale ecosystem transformation, food and water insecurity, and build-up of toxic pollution in our bodies and the environment.

Policy commitments made during the 2020 B.C. election will largely be focused on the immediate crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this election is also an opportunity to look forward, to emerge from the pandemic stronger and more united, and to set B.C. on course to a resilient, just, and sustainable future for all. 

To help political parties and candidates put forward environmental platforms that will make this vision possible, Ecojustice lawyers have assembled a briefing note with three key environmental policy proposals. We’re asking parties and candidates to adopt each of these proposals, and for the incoming government to make protecting the environment a top priority in its mandate.

You can read the full briefing note here. Or, scroll down for an abbreviated look at Ecojustice’s three platform recommendations:

1. Accelerating climate ambition

by eliminating fossil fuel subsidies by 2025, detailing a clear plan to achieve the legislated 2030 target, and committing to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

We are asking that all parties commit to: 

2. Safeguarding B.C.’s biodiversity

with the Province’s first ever Species at Risk Act, and by modernizing forestry laws, protecting coastal ecosystems, and implementing the Water Sustainability Act.

We are asking that all parties commit to:

3. Empowering people to protect their environment

with a made-in-B.C. Environmental Bill of Rights that legally recognizes all peoples’ right to live in a healthy environment.

We are asking that all parties commit to:

Take action

Tell candidates in B.C. which issues you think they should prioritize during this election. 

Use Ecojustice’s letter to the editor tool to share your opinion with your local newspaper and make sure your candidates know you expect them to take bold action to protect the environment.

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