Ecojustice Blog – Special Update Posted on December 26, 2018 (updated: January 14, 2019)

A snowy Yukon picture for you

Devon PageLawyer

This holiday season, I want to share with you a photo I took during a backcountry ski trip in the Yukon.

Canada’s north is a place of stunning beauty. And I have had the good fortune to explore the region with my long-time friend Cory, who has built an off-the-grid organic farm — it runs on renewable energy and makes use of straw-bale construction — just outside of Whitehorse.

Like you, Cory, who is pictured here, cares deeply about the state of the environment. He is my trusted ski partner, in much the same way you are a friend to Ecojustice.

On this particular ski trip, we encountered the unexpected. A flowing river stopped us in our tracks. It was early spring and the river should have been frozen over. But there it was. An un-crossable current. We were forced to retrace our route out.

That river is a stark reminder that global warming is happening more quickly in the north. And it points to the urgency of taking action now to combat climate change.

At this critical moment, I’m grateful that you are standing with Ecojustice. Having you as our partner makes me think about the mutual support that I value in my friendship with Cory. Together, we enable one another to stretch beyond our comfort zone into the realm where new feats are possible.

That is to say that with you at our side, the year ahead is full of possibility. Together, we will continue to use the full force of the law to combat climate change and defend future generations.

I hope you find time this holiday season to rest, be with loved ones, and do the things that nurture your spirit. Thank you for your commitment to and involvement in our shared mission to build the case for a better earth.


Devon Page

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