Ecojustice Blog – Special Update Posted on May 8, 2015 (updated: March 29, 2017)

Celebrating 25 years of Ecojustice victories

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Eagle on cedars by Robb Lansdowne
Eagle on cedars by Robb Lansdowne

For 25 years, our lawyers have gone to court to protect wilderness and wildlife, challenge industrial projects that pose unacceptable risks to the environment and human health and keep harmful chemicals out of the air, water and soil we all depend on.

Our special 25-year edition of our annual Victories Report revisits our biggest wins— the precedent-setting cases that helped shape environmental protection in Canada.

But despite all that we have achieved, Ecojustice is needed as much today, if not more, than we were 25 years ago. Today, when we take on daunting new challenges — like quashing a plan to transport U.S. thermal coal through B.C. neighbourhoods, stopping protections for species on the brink of extinction in Ontario from being rolled back, or fighting for recognition of our collective right to a healthy environment — we are setting the stage for the Canada we want in 2040.

With your support, we are leading the legal fight for a brighter environmental future. Because that future will be here sooner than we think.


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